WonderWash Video

October 20, 2008

I thought everyone would like to see how the WonderWash works for themselves. I put together a short video to help answer any questions you might have about the WonderWash.


I have received some emails regarding my Wonder Washer and the Spin Dry. First, let me give you a run through on how I came upon these machines and why I decided to give them a try. I live in a small studio apartment that does not have washer/dryer connections. I had to go to the Laundromat about once a week to do my laundry. There is nothing wrong with the Laundromat; it’s just a big chore and a huge waste of time. I started my search for an alternative method to do my laundry. Some people recommended just doing my laundry by hand and hanging it out to dry. There must be a better method than that I thought to myself. I first stumbled upon the Wonder Washer on Amazon.com. It had mixed reviews but was cheap enough to give it a try. Since this machine does not have a spin cycle the clothes come out soaking wet. That’s when I found a website called The Laundry Alternative. They had a number of spin dryers that remove excess water from clothing. These machine do not produce any heat, they just spin the clothes very fast. Since I never used one of these before I purchased the smallest one to try. I also got a drying rack to hang the clothes on.

Operation of the Wonder Washer:

This machine is about as basic as they come. All it does is spin the clothes in the water one direction, stops, and then spins them in the other direction. The first thing I do is put in the laundry detergent. I recommend using a liquid detergent. I use the concentrated kind and only add a ¼ cap in the empty bucket of the machine. I then add 10qt of warm water from a bucket I filled in the sink. Add the clothes and set the timer to 15 minutes, go grab a beer. When the 15 minutes is up I pick the bucket up off the machine and dump out the dirty water in the sink. Some people say you can use the water for a second load, but it looks real dirty. Now comes the part that is the only downside. I hand rinse the clothes in the sink under cold water to remove the detergent from the clothes. It is not that bad. That’s it! Easy! I can do about three pairs of pants in one load, or the equivalent size of other clothes.

Operation of the Spin Dryer:

This machine is awesome! All I do is set the machine on top of my counter and place the drain hose in a bucket lower than the machine. I bought the small machine so it does not hold much. I can do one pair of pants at a time or the equivalent size of other clothes. Just load, set the timer to 5 minutes and it spins them dry. Most of my stuff comes out just barley damp. A couple hours on the drying rack and they are dry.

The drying rack:

This is a great rack! It has plenty of rods to hold the clothes and folds away nicely for easy storage.


There are some downsides. I can not do large items such as my comforter. For items like this I still have to go to the Laundromat (or friends’ house). The hand rinsing is kind of a pain, but a small price to pay for not having to go to the Laundromat. The clothes also come out more wrinkled than from a heat dryer. So I do have to iron more clothes than normal. But there is something about ironing that I find relaxing.

If anyone has any more questions please feel free to email me at solitaryrefinement@gmail.com

Put some good music on, grab a beer and do some laundry!!

Also, for two short videos of the machines in action, check out my previous post here.