Salsa Beef Stir Fry

October 12, 2008

I was browsing through a Southwestern cookbook the other day and found something called Salsa Beef Stir Fry. It sounded interesting, but some of the ingredients seemed very expensive. I decided to take this recipe and change it to make it easy and cheap. Here is what I came up with.

1.5 lbs beef (any kind, see below)

1 cup salsa

1 15 oz can whole corn

8 oz dry pasta (any kind)

Shredded Cheddar and Monterey Jack Cheese to top once cooked.

The original recipe called for ground beef. This seemed fine to me but sounded boring. I went to Kroger and found two different meats that were on Manager Special. I find Manager Special is great if you are going to cook it very soon. I ended up with 1 lbs of Top Round and .5 lbs Skirt Steak for a total cost of $5.59. This really made the dish more exciting. I cut all the meat into about half inch strips. I then browned the meat and drained off the fat. Next is the easy part, add all the remaining ingredients and cook covered for about 12 minutes. The pasta is what will determine when this dish is done. Just give a piece of pasta a taste. If it is crunchy keep cooking.

See how easy! The best part is you will end up with lots of leftovers that are great for lunch. After cooking I topped mine with the cheese.

If you have any suggestions for this recipe please let me know.


Easy and Cheap

January 9, 2008

Kroger has just introduced a new line of Hamburger Helper. These are the generic versions of the regular Hamburger Helper for a lot less money. This box only cost 88 cents! A 1 pound pack of ground beef is only $1.75. That comes to a grand total of $2.63! These new Kroger Hamburger Helpers do not require milk like the name brand boxes do, so you save some money there as well. I gave it a try last night, and have to say I am impressed. It took almost no effort to cook and tasted good. The portion should feed me for two dinners and one lunch. Not bad for $2.63!!!