Euro-Pro Vacuum System

November 2, 2008

I had never heard of a garbage can and central vacuum system in one unit, but Euro-Pro made one. It is a perfect system for small apartments like mine. It is a vacuum cleaner underneath a nice steel trash can. The hose easily reaches all parts of my apartment. It can even be used as a dust pan. Since it sits in my kitchen if I spill some flower or sugar I can just sweep it close to the vacuum/trash can and it sucks it up.

It comes with tons of attachments, even a beater bar!

To change out the vacuum bag all you have to do is take the garbage can off and open the lid to the vacuum. It also has all kinds of filters to reduce the dust put back into the air.

Mrs. P. found this on a website called ikitchen for only $29.99 plus shipping! She was kind enough to give it to me as a gift. It really saves a lot of room in my apartment. Until now I was just using a small hand held dust buster. I had a very hard time getting my small area rug clean. Now this vacuum takes care of my whole apartment without having to worry about running down a battery. I highly recommend this vacuum cleaner.