New Website?

July 10, 2009

I know you all have been wondering…where did Solitary Refinement go?

Kungur? (Russia) hi Есфирь

Sorsele? (Sweden) hi Sofia (ummm…wow!)

Boston? (USA) hi Tom

The rumors are true. We are moving!!

I am sorry this is taking so long, but it is a big change. Our new home will be

Safe and sound in good old Savannah GA! (hi ya’ll)

Go ahead and bookmark now!

Please give me some time to make this transition. It is really big for me! Somethings that I think you will like about this are…

  • The Blog will still be there!
  • A recipe search engine (more than one search engine will be available)
  • Product review (stuff I have tried)
  • Your opinion on products (voting)
  • How to (that bow tie is a b*tch)
  • Guest authors (I have had a big demand for this! I think you will like it. Some experts willing to help the cause. )

BUT the biggest thing is, what would you like to see? This is a website/blog about being a single guy and being refined. Is it just a simple dish that you can cook that lasts you all week, or is it how to tie that bow tie to impress your date for a night on the town? I have been both, hamburger helper one night then escorting a fine lady to the opera the next. I really want this new site to be about you, the single yet refined man.

Please send any recommendations to


Nick Ryan