Whole Chicken in a Can

June 3, 2009

At first I thought this might be a good idea. Then I saw the rest of the photos on Gizmodo! It really does not look too good. Has anyone tried it yet? It is kind of a neat idea. Just think about not having to worry about thawing out a frozen chicken or running to the store to get a fresh one. Now you can just open up your cupboard and pull out a can. Do you think I should order one to give it a try? You can get 6 cans for $49.99 on Amazon.


4 Responses to “Whole Chicken in a Can”

  1. Mrs. T said

    Somehow this seems really wrong.

  2. Rroberto said

    I agree

  3. Michael said

    This is a throw back from the 1950’s and “fall out shelter” food stocks. My mother bought one or two cans in the 1970’s, but she’d only put the chicken in soups, etc. Check the label to see if it says “Serving Suggestion” regarding the photo on the can. If so, I’d laugh like Hell b/c there is NO WAY that chicken will come out of that can looking like that! Oh, and $49.99 for six birds is a rip off.

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