WonderWash in Action

September 27, 2008

I started using my new WonderWash from the Laundry Alternative today. So far I think it works great. I was able to do much larger loads than my WonderWasher. This one uses a handle to turn a drum with the clothes inside. It only took 2 minutes and the clothes were clean. Here it is loaded and ready to go…

The whole unit is very easy to turn. I have it placed on the floor because, but if you have room next to a sink that would be even better. Here it is “spinning”…

To empty the dirty water there is a valve on the bottom. All you do is attach a tube to it and let it drain…

To rinse the soap out I just filled it back up with cold water and tuned it for about 30 seconds. This removed the soap very easily. As far as capacity it is pretty good. I was able to do 2 pairs of jeans in one load. A lot more lighter weight stuff can fit easily. In one load I did 2 pairs of pants and 3 shirts.

So far the WonderWash meets or exceeds my expectations.


2 Responses to “WonderWash in Action”

  1. Chris said

    I am seriously thinking of getting one of these. It’s now almost a year since you got yours. Are you still happy with it? I am also thinking of getting that spin dryer–the big one, not the small one you have.

    • solitaryrefinement said

      Hi Chris,

      I still love my WonderWash! I use it every weekend. I still have not had a single problem with it. A couple people have posted some problems with it on my youtube site. The Laundry Alternative Company seems to have taken care of their issues. The spin dryer is a great item to complement the WonderWash. By spinning the water out of the cloths it helps remove any left over laundry detergent. I also have not had a single problem with the spin dryer. If you do get the larger one please let me know what you think. I would really like to get the larger one, but I just don’t have the room for it. Good luck!

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