First Review of the Steam Buddy

June 1, 2008

I used my new Steam Buddy for the first time today. My first impression is that it works fairly well. I think it is one of the gadgets that needs a little practice to master. I first tried a pair of pants. The pants were considerably wrinkled. A couple quick passes over them and the majority of wrinkles were gone. Not all the wrinkles were gone. I think with a little practice it will work really well. I did have some trouble with a heavy cotton shirt. The Steam Buddy uses the steam to “relax” the fabric and let the wrinkles fall out. The heavy shirt would just not relax. Maybe I am using it wrong. I think it would work really well on lighter fabrics. I still have not tried the creaser attachment, as soon as I do I will let you know how it worked. I will also post more about it when I have had time to try it out more. Here is a before and after of the pants.



NOTE: I have stopped using the Steam Buddy and have gone back to a regular iron. I was not getting the results I was looking for. 1/28/09


10 Responses to “First Review of the Steam Buddy”

  1. Xtel said


    so how is your experience with the steamy buddy so far? I read a lot of bad comments on the web? How much did it cost you in total?

  2. solitaryrefinement said

    Xtel – So far I think it is fine if you have clothes that are delicate and can be damaged by a regular iron. Otherwise I have found myself just using my old iron. This was a gift, so it did not cost anything.

    Nick Ryan

  3. Adele said

    I’ve tried 2 of the products now and I was NOT at all satisfied. I actually returned the first one thinking it was defective; however, the replacement one was just as ineffective in removing wrinkles in the 2 fabrics I tried it on. Maybe it would work well on organza

  4. Beth said

    I thought about buying the steam buddy. They have it at Walmart and you don’t have to pay the high shipping. It’s best to wait till it is in the stores. Walgreens has a lot of TV items. That sure saves the shipping.

  5. Brian said

    I bought the item before reading the reviews. It’s still being shipped to me. Hope it’s not THAT bad. I will give a review once it arrives.

  6. Stacy said

    Did you try using the Steam Buddy on anything else like draperies?

  7. Steve said

    Steam Buddy is a rip off does not work, company would not take back or credit account. BUYER BEWARE!!

  8. Lyndamom said

    It does NOT work on drapes.
    I hate the fact that, just as I get going (actually showing a LITTLE progress) the steam runs out, and I have to wait for it to make more; The red indicator light comes on alot while steaming.
    The constant pumping/pushing the steam button is tiresome at best for someone with mild arthritis. It needs an alternate operation: streaming steam – as opposed to having to push/pump it out, wait for more steam, pump some more…UGH!

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