Wonder Washer and Spin Dryer Videos

May 13, 2008

I never expected so much interest in my Wonder Washer and Spin Dryer! After attempting to answer over 50 email with various questions I knew I needed to revisit these awesome machines. So below you will find two new videos and a FAQ. Feel free to email me with any questions you might have (solitaryrefinement@gmail.com). I hope this helps!

Q. How many jeans can you wash in the washer?

A. I found that one pair at a time is the best. Any more and the machine starts to bog down.

Q. Can you wash sheets in the washer?

A. Yes, but my sheets will not fit in my spin dryer.

Q. Can you wash large items like comforters?

A. No, too big.

Q. Is there a rinse cycle? Or how do you remove the soap from the clothes?

A. There is no rinse cycle. You have two options. Rinse the clothes out in the sink or empty the dirty water from the washer and add clean cool-cold water and repeat the wash cycle.

Q. Can you use fabric softener?

A. I am working on this. Does anyone know what cycle in a regular washing machine the fabric softener is introduced?

Q. How long does the washer take?

A. It has a 15 minute timer. I let the machine work for the full 15 minutes to make sure my clothes are really clean.

Q. Is this a replacement for going to the laundromat?

A. No, I still need to go for larger items. It dramatically cuts down on my trips though.

Q. Does the spin dryer use heat?

A. No, it just spins the clothes very fast to remove water through the drain hose.

Q. How dry do the clothes come out of the dryer?

A. Surprisingly dry. It all depends on how heavy the clothes are. I find after hanging them up for a couple hours they are fully dry.

Q. How much can you put in the dryer?

A. Not too much. I have the small machine, and find about one shirt at a time is about right. Or one pair of jeans.

Q. How long does it take for the dryer to remove the water.

A. 1-2 minutes is good for me. The timer goes up to 5 minutes.

Q. Can I buy you a beer?

A. Sure! Send me an email!

Hope this helps! Enjoy the videos! (No making fun of me) 🙂


8 Responses to “Wonder Washer and Spin Dryer Videos”

  1. George said

    Awesome videos. Thanks for posting them.

  2. Pat said

    To cool! Great videos and website.

  3. solitaryrefinement said

    George – Glad you liked them. How did your pizza sauce turn out?

  4. solitaryrefinement said

    Pat – Thanks! I am happy you found my blog. Enjoy!

  5. Mrs. T said

    You can just get the liquid laundry soap with fabric softener in it already.

  6. solitaryrefinement said

    Mrs. T – I had no luck finding that at Kroger the other day. I might just have to look closer. Thanks for the idea!

  7. Lorraine said

    This was my first time visiting your site. I enjoyed the videos. It has helped me make my mind up about the spin dryer. Am still looking into the wonder washer. There is one that has a drain valve and a turn handle, no use of electricity. I was hoping that was the one you were going to do the demo on. I am leaning towards that one. I will visit you again. Keep up the good work. Thanks, Lorraine.

  8. solitaryrefinement said

    Hi Lorraine – Glad you liked the demos. I have seen the “wonder washer” you are talking about. If you end up getting that one please let me know how well it works. Best of luck!

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