Recalls and Recalls and Recalls, Oh My!

May 5, 2008

In the wake of yet another large recall, I am sitting here wondering what is going on. It seems that every week there is a recall. I remember when food recalls were few and far between. What worries me the most is that some of these recalls are with raw meats and poultry. I guess I always thought that I was involved in recalls because I bought really cheap food. I guess I was wrong. Luckily I was not involved with this recall. What do you have to say about the increase in recalls?


2 Responses to “Recalls and Recalls and Recalls, Oh My!”

  1. DtheBG'sGF said

    I think it is time for you to start that garden! 😉

    I know we have ours now and more and more we pay the extra pennies for organic products. There are just too many scary possibilities out there…

    You looked great Saturday, btw!

  2. Carla's Girlfriend said


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