Steam Buddy

May 30, 2008

The Steam Buddy has just arrived! Mr. and Mrs. T bought a Steam Buddy for my birthday. I can’t wait to give it a try. It is another product from the “as Seen on TV” people. I only had the time to take it out of the box. I hope it works! I should have a review up in a couple days.

NOTE: I have stopped using the Steam Buddy and have gone back to a regular iron. I was not getting the results I was looking for. 1/28/09



May 29, 2008

Sorry I have been so busy! With so little time to cook and do things around my apartment I thought today would be a good day to share the “Wiener Water Soup” recipe that Mrs. P. found online.


1 pkg. wieners
3 c. water
Combine wieners and water in a two quart saucepan. Bring to a boil until wieners are cooked. Throw the wieners in the garbage. Serve soup. Serves 3.

This recipe is really online at Here is the LINK if you don’t believe me. I guess they let anyone just post a recipe without checking it!

I saw this recipe on Running With Tweezers and kept meaning to try it. I finally got the chance to the other night and was very happy.

Sausage and Broccoli Pasta – serves 4 as medium sized entree portions

  • 1 lb. bulk roll Italian sausage or link style, removed from casings
  • 1 16 oz. box penne or shell shaped pasta
  • 12 oz.  fresh broccoli – rinsed, dried and cut into florets
  • 1 tsp. extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 lemon to use for zest
  • 1 tsp. dried red chili flakes
  • fresh ground salt and pepper, to taste
  • freshly grated Parmesan cheese, optional

– Fill large pasta pot with water and heat until water is at rolling boil. Add pasta to water and cook according to product directions. About 3 minutes before pasta is done, add the broccoli florets. They will blanche quickly in the pasta water. When pasta is cooked, drain and set aside.
– While pasta is cooking, crumble sausage in a large skillet into large chunks and begin to brown. Don’t break the pieces up too small or they will disintegrate. Let them brown and caramelize in the pan. When thoroughly browned and cooked through, DO NOT DRAIN THE FAT. This is your sauce.
– Pour cooked and drained pasta & broccoli back into the pasta pot and add the sausage, including the oil and such at the bottom of the skillet. Drizzle the mixture with the teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil and mix thoroughly. If the pasta is too dry for your liking, add olive oil as desired. Sprinkle red chili flakes on pasta. Zest lemon over pasta and add salt and pepper to taste then mix all the ingredients together one last time. Grate Parmesan over the pasta before serving. Serve immediately.

I learned a couple things with this recipe. What is a floret? I found out quickly at Kroger that a broccoli floret is just the top of the broccoli. The good thing is you can just buy florets and not have to cut them yourself. This is a nice easy recipe. I highly recommend giving this a try! Here is the price breakdown…

Pasta – $0.88

Lemon – $0.69

Broccoli florets – $1.54

Sausage – $2.00

Total cost – $5.11

Here is everything cooking…

Here is the final dish…

I never expected so much interest in my Wonder Washer and Spin Dryer! After attempting to answer over 50 email with various questions I knew I needed to revisit these awesome machines. So below you will find two new videos and a FAQ. Feel free to email me with any questions you might have ( I hope this helps!

Q. How many jeans can you wash in the washer?

A. I found that one pair at a time is the best. Any more and the machine starts to bog down.

Q. Can you wash sheets in the washer?

A. Yes, but my sheets will not fit in my spin dryer.

Q. Can you wash large items like comforters?

A. No, too big.

Q. Is there a rinse cycle? Or how do you remove the soap from the clothes?

A. There is no rinse cycle. You have two options. Rinse the clothes out in the sink or empty the dirty water from the washer and add clean cool-cold water and repeat the wash cycle.

Q. Can you use fabric softener?

A. I am working on this. Does anyone know what cycle in a regular washing machine the fabric softener is introduced?

Q. How long does the washer take?

A. It has a 15 minute timer. I let the machine work for the full 15 minutes to make sure my clothes are really clean.

Q. Is this a replacement for going to the laundromat?

A. No, I still need to go for larger items. It dramatically cuts down on my trips though.

Q. Does the spin dryer use heat?

A. No, it just spins the clothes very fast to remove water through the drain hose.

Q. How dry do the clothes come out of the dryer?

A. Surprisingly dry. It all depends on how heavy the clothes are. I find after hanging them up for a couple hours they are fully dry.

Q. How much can you put in the dryer?

A. Not too much. I have the small machine, and find about one shirt at a time is about right. Or one pair of jeans.

Q. How long does it take for the dryer to remove the water.

A. 1-2 minutes is good for me. The timer goes up to 5 minutes.

Q. Can I buy you a beer?

A. Sure! Send me an email!

Hope this helps! Enjoy the videos! (No making fun of me) 🙂

In the wake of yet another large recall, I am sitting here wondering what is going on. It seems that every week there is a recall. I remember when food recalls were few and far between. What worries me the most is that some of these recalls are with raw meats and poultry. I guess I always thought that I was involved in recalls because I bought really cheap food. I guess I was wrong. Luckily I was not involved with this recall. What do you have to say about the increase in recalls?