Starland Farmers Market

April 10, 2008

Great news for all of you that live in Savannah. The Starland Farmers Market will be open again starting April 26th! They will be open from 9am till noon every Saturday. Last year I found some awesome vegetables and fruit for great prices. The best part is everything comes from local farmers and growers. It is not as big as the Garden City Farmers Market, but is more convenient for anyone that lives Downtown. If anyone wants to go drop me a line and I will join you. Here is a link if you want to take a look.

After I finished writing this post I remembered a fun story from my last trip the the Farmers Market. I bought some okra and was going to fry it for a special dinner side dish. The last time I had cooked fried okra my Father had helped me out. I thought I could remember how he did it, but I was so wrong! I cut all the okra up into the perfect little slices and started to add salt. I guess I went way over board on the salt! The first small batch that came out of the frying pan was so salty that I had to spit it out. I tried adding sugar to cut the bit, but even that did not work. I think I ended up washing all the okra again and frying it. It was still very very salty. This year I will try and get my Father’s recipe. I don’t know what he does, but it is the best fried okra I have ever had!


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