Great News!!

April 1, 2008

I received a phone call this morning from the FDA regarding some of the recalls I have been involved in. Apparently the FDA felt bad for me and has ordered any company that recalled food I have purchased to  give me free food for life. As of April 1st 2008 all I have to do is show my ID at any store and I don’t have to pay a penny! Good day for me! I hope your April 1st is turning out as well as mine!


3 Responses to “Great News!!”

  1. Robert Richards said

    FDA. Would that be the Fooled and Deceived Administration.

  2. Mrs P said

    Funny, because I can buy what I need with my good looks.

    Mrs P

  3. solitaryrefinement said

    Robert – Good one!
    Mrs. P. – I normally get charged double! 😉

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