March 10, 2008

I love meatloaf! The other day I was at a restaurant and they had a meatloaf sandwich. It was pretty good, not the best. So this weekend I was sitting around thinking what to cook and meatloaf popped into my head. I had not cooked meatloaf since I was a poor college student. What a good time to give it another go. I quickly grabbed the phone and called up Mr. BBQ. Who else would be better at setting me off on the right foot. He gave me the basics of what must go into meatloaf to make it work. He then added in some history of why meatloaf is around and its original roots. With this basic knowledge I was off to Kroger! What could I do to add a little life to my meatloaf? I decided on Italian bread crumbs and parmesan cheese. I already had an onion and garlic at home to add to it. So this is the recipe I came up with (with help from Mr. BBQ).

3 lbs. Ground Beef
3 Eggs
1 ½ Cups Italian Bread Crumbs
1 Medium Onion
2 Cloves Garlic
1 ¼ Cups Parmesan Cheese (you will see why I added the ¼ cup)

I cut up the garlic and onion and mixed everything together. I only used 1 cup of cheese mixed into the mixture. When it was to the consistence I liked, I made a little troth down the middle. I filled this with ¼ cup of cheese and sealed it up. So now I had a meatloaf with a cheese center. Here it is about to go in the oven…

I should have chopped the onion up a little more, but my eyes were really watering!! I put it into a preheated oven at 350. After an hour I checked on it. I continued to cook it for another 20 minutes until the juices were clear. After it was done I pulled it out and let it sit for 20 minutes. Here it is coming out of the oven.

The cheese in the middle was a great addition. Here is a cross cut of the meatloaf.

All in all it came out very well. It also was very cheap for the amount of food. Here is the price break down…

3 lbs. Ground Beef – $4.29
Eggs – $1.92
Cheese – $2.19
Bread Crumbs – $1.89
Onion – $0.89

Total Cost – $11.18


4 Responses to “Meatloaf”

  1. Robert Richards said

    Great looking loaf, good job.

  2. solitaryrefinement said

    Thanks Robert!

  3. Steven said

    ive been looking through your pages with some interest, i too live alone and adopt some of the same ideas as you, however that meatloaf looks mighty fine, its not something we cook a lot of in the UK but i do have atip for te onion situ! if you store onoins in the bottom of the refrigerator till needed (you’rr have to remove a couple of those cans!! your eyes will not water -guranteed…..

    • solitaryrefinement said

      Hi Steven – Nice idea about the onions! I will have to give that a try. Do you have any recipes that you like to cook at home? I would love to try a popular UK dish that we don’t cook much here in the US. Feel free to send me something to Thanks! Nick.

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