And the winner is…

March 7, 2008

This is so hard! Everyone submitted great recipes! Thank you to the four people that submitted. Since it was such a close call I had to turn to the old trusty math to find a true winner. As you know this contest was based on four criteria.

  1. Difficulty
  2. Cost
  3. Amount
  4. Taste

I judged each entry with a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest (10 = the best). So the best score you could get would be a 40.

But since I loved every recipe that was sent to me, I have decided that everyone that does not win first place get a beer (or drink) on me. Send me an email and I will meet you for drinks! But who won? Based on the math…

THE WINNER IS MRS. P.!!!!!!!!!

The Guinness Chicken recipe that she sent in is just right for a bachelor. It was easy, had a low cost, ate it for days, and had a great taste. It actually was so good that I am going to cook it again this weekend. Cost is a big factor for me. I never knew you could buy a whole chicken for $3.75.

Before you send me anger emails, this was a very close call. Do you want to see the numbers? Here they are…

Mrs. P. with the Guinness chicken – 32

Roberto with the St. Paul’s Rice – 31

The Drau with the Drau Stew – 30

MappyB with the Stuffed Peppers – 23

So why do I think this? Let’s start with the bottom up.

The Stuffed Peppers were great, but not a full meal. They would have been great as a side dish or appetizer. It really was the amount that hurt this score. I only had three peppers stuffed full of goodness. Definitely something for someone that has a girlfriend or a date. I could see myself doing this to impress someone but not as a meal.

The Drau Stew was so close! What hurt this meal was the cost. Yes, it provided a huge amount, but lacked enough meat to last. If I doubled or tripled the amount of beef it would have been better but the cost would have been too high. I wonder if I can find cheaper meat somewhere.

St. Paul’s Rice has now made it into my favorite list! What made this so good was the sausage. It gave just the right amount of spice. A few more steps made this a slightly more difficult recipe. More pots to clean cuts into my fun time. Remember, I am looking for easy! This is also a great recipe for a side dish.

The Guinness Chicken is just what the doctor ordered. I never knew a whole chicken cost so little! I now know how to cook a chicken. The beer was an added bonus! I can drink as a cook this! This dish scored great in the difficulty and amount. Days latter I found myself just picking on the bird. It lasted a long time, it was cheap, and it was so easy. I am doing it again this weekend. The only thing I am going to add is some kind of rub to the chicken before hand.

Great job to everyone! Thank you for sending in your recipes! To claim your prize, send me an email and we will get together for drinks!


3 Responses to “And the winner is…”

  1. Robert Richards said

    PFFFT! :}
    Congrats Mrs. P.

  2. Mrs P said

    Take that, biyotches!!

    Okay, I’m just kidding – I can’t wait to try out the other recipes. Hey, Solitary Refinement, it seems like you should have the contestants over, bearing their submissions so that we all get a try in the versions of their originators! You can provide the party space and some PBR. Deal?

    Mrs P

    PS – i hope the next contest is HOW TO FOLD A NAPKIN. Because I’m winning that son of a bitch, too! Yay!!

  3. solitaryrefinement said

    Mrs. P. – Having everyone over with their dish is a great idea. Everyone that sent in a recipe lives in Savannah. What do you all think? Would like like to come over with your dish and have some free beers?

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