Stuffed Peppers

March 6, 2008

MappyB sent me this recipe for Stuffed Peppers. When I opened my email I thought someone was upset at me. She sent it to me with the subject line “EAT THIS!” When I figured out it was a recipe I felt much better. This is a very easy recipe that a bachelor trying to impress a girl would appreciate. With so many people going the vegetarian route, cooking this would get you big points. Here is the recipe…

Stuffed Peppers – easy to make and taste great.


Some peppers that can stand up on their own

Feta cheese



Olive Oil & Vinegar

Dice ingredients, mix, stuff peppers, bake, enjoy! It’s so easy!

Without quantities I had a little trouble figuring out how much to buy. I decided on three green peppers, one pack of mushrooms, one can of corn, and an eight oz. bowl of feta. I already had olive oil and vinegar. Here is the break down on pricing…

Peppers – $3.87

Feta Cheese – $3.29

Mushrooms – $1.99

Corn – $0.69

Total – $9.84

Here is the “stuffing” mixture…

I then cut the tops off the peppers and cleaned them out. MappyB, did I cut the hole in the top large enough? I stuffed them full with the mixture. I had a little left over so I packed them in real tight. Here they are about to go in the oven…

I was not sure what temperature to bake them at so I started at 400. I slowly turned that down as they cooked. I think I may have baked them too much, but I wanted to make sure the inside was nice and warm (it was). Here is the final pepper…

What do you think? Like I said, this would be great if I had a girl over for dinner. It looks great and is so easy! Thanks MappyB for sending this to me!


4 Responses to “Stuffed Peppers”

  1. solitaryrefinement said

    Sorry for the dark photos. I think I have a problem with the flash on my camera. I will try to fix it tonight!

  2. Carla said

    What girls you tryin to impress?

  3. solitaryrefinement said

    Carla – It was just an open statement. Did you not see the pictures of my apartment? It is barely big enough for just me! 😉

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