Pan Seared Steak

February 28, 2008

OK, this was great! You know how I told you I bought a “managers special” steak at Kroger the other day? Well, I cooked it last night following Mrs. T’s directions. All I can say is WOW! This was about as easy as it comes! I never know what the night is going to bring as a bachelor, so thawing out food can kind of be hard. Luckily I had put this steak in the refrigerator on Monday and found myself hungry last night (wed). Firing up the grill was not an option since it is very cold outside. A perfect time to try the pan seared recipe. Here is what Mrs. T recommended…

How do you like it cooked? This is for medium rare-ish:
I would peal back the plastic after the steak is thawed, leaving it in the styrofoam thingie. pour a little olive oil on the steak, enough to coat it, fresh ground black pepper, salt ( we use Kosher salt or if you have one of those salt grinders like Jill has). Flip the steak over and coat the other side with olive oil, salt, pepper. Heat up your pan, nice and hot (like over medium high). Put your steak in. Leave it for 2 minutes. Don’t peek at it… just leave it. When your timer goes off, flip the steak. Leave it for 3 minutes. (You leave it a little longer on the second side because the pan will lose some of it’s heat) Don’t peak, leave it! When the timer goes off, move the steak to your cutting board and let it rest for 5 minutes. (You want it to rest so the muscles relax, making it tender and juicy!) EAT IT! Yum!

Not bad for a $4.00 T-bone steak!

(Yes Mrs. T, I am sorry I did not cook up some veggies to go along with this.)


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