January 4, 2008

No I am not talking about the lack of heating in my apartment (in a remote way I am). I am talking about the heat that you cook with. This article was sent to me by Mrs. P. It discusses what heat is and how to use it properly in cooking. It is well worth the read. I have discovered that heat plays a huge role in cooking right from the very beginning. I have been trying to make my own pizza dough for a couple days now and failed every time. Talking with my friend, Mr. BBQ, he told me I am having a problem with not giving the yeast enough heat to activate. This last week in Savannah has been real cold and so has my apartment. The yeast needs to reach a temperature of at least 80 degrees to activate. My apartment has been in the low 60s, so my yeast never activates. This weekend the outside temperature is going to finally rise up to the 70s. I think I will give the dough a try then. I will let you know how it turns out. If anyone has any sugestions please let me know!


Nick Ryan


2 Responses to “Heat?”

  1. Carla said

    Buy your recalled cheap pizza and call it a night!

  2. solitaryrefinement said

    Carla – Where is the fun in that? I did get a couple coupons for free pizza due to the recall, but I am afraid to use them! Wait to you see the pictures of the pizza I made today! They will be up on Monday. Thanks for checking out Solitary Refinement, I hope you keep coming back!

    Nick Ryan

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