January 28, 2008

Sometimes the simplest things are the best. Sunday I did not feel like cooking, but was getting hungry. I had to go out to OfficeMax to purchase some more ink for my printer. During my drive and shopping I started thinking about what to have for dinner. Something good, but also simple. Fresh Market was right across the street. I normally do not shop at Fresh Market due to the higher than normal prices. I decided to take a look. I ended up walking out with a French Baguette and some Swiss Gruyere. It was a little expensive but looked so good. Once I returned home I started cutting the Baguette and slicing the cheese. When I took my first bite, I was not disappointed! Slice after slice it kept getting better and better. I should have bought a nice bottle of wine to go with it, but Savannah does not sell alcohol on Sundays. I had to make due with my PBR. This meal was simple and delicious! I don’t think I will be doing this a lot, but it was a nice change of pace.


I had a wonderful Saturday making bread. Mrs. P invited me over to learn all the intricacies of making fine bread. I forgot my camera, so here are some illustrations of how to make dough for bread.

All of the attempts came out great. One batch we did was very dense! We were afraid that it would not taste well, but it did! I did learn one very important thing…

I am going to take all that I learned and apply it to my pizza making project. Hopefully I have gotten rid of all my little problems. Thanks again Mrs. P!!

Easy and Cheap

January 9, 2008

Kroger has just introduced a new line of Hamburger Helper. These are the generic versions of the regular Hamburger Helper for a lot less money. This box only cost 88 cents! A 1 pound pack of ground beef is only $1.75. That comes to a grand total of $2.63! These new Kroger Hamburger Helpers do not require milk like the name brand boxes do, so you save some money there as well. I gave it a try last night, and have to say I am impressed. It took almost no effort to cook and tasted good. The portion should feed me for two dinners and one lunch. Not bad for $2.63!!!

First Pizza Success?

January 8, 2008

Could this be my first success at making a pizza? It came out ok. It is a BBQ chicken with red onion and garlic. All of the ingredients were fresh. I know the shape does not look too good, but it tastes fine. I think I need a little more work on making the dough. It is still very sticky when I try to flatten it out. What am I doing wrong? I think I might just need to add more flour. I will keep trying!


January 4, 2008

No I am not talking about the lack of heating in my apartment (in a remote way I am). I am talking about the heat that you cook with. This article was sent to me by Mrs. P. It discusses what heat is and how to use it properly in cooking. It is well worth the read. I have discovered that heat plays a huge role in cooking right from the very beginning. I have been trying to make my own pizza dough for a couple days now and failed every time. Talking with my friend, Mr. BBQ, he told me I am having a problem with not giving the yeast enough heat to activate. This last week in Savannah has been real cold and so has my apartment. The yeast needs to reach a temperature of at least 80 degrees to activate. My apartment has been in the low 60s, so my yeast never activates. This weekend the outside temperature is going to finally rise up to the 70s. I think I will give the dough a try then. I will let you know how it turns out. If anyone has any sugestions please let me know!


Nick Ryan